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International Degree Courses

Features of these International Degree Courses:

  • High academic standard
  • International degrees
  • Tightly organized study programs
  • Opportunities for study periods at partner universities and colleges abroad
  • Courses and lectures held in English (for further details on the language of instruction please refer to the individual program descriptions)
  • German language courses offered before and during the program
  • Special services: academic and personal support, services provided by tutors and mentors, intensive study counselling, work in small groups
  • In many of the programs, German students will account for half the number of participants, thereby offering these students the opportunity to gain international skills and qualifications through their attendance of English-instructed courses and study periods abroad
  • Low or no tuition fees

Where do I find those International Degree Courses?

The DAAD has established a website that gives you access to those International Degree Courses, sorted by subject area.

For more information about international degrees taught in English see the DAAD course finder:

How do I apply for admission?

Further information on the admission conditions and requirements, application deadlines and formalities is available directly from the Program Officer of your chosen degree course. The individual higher education institutions are themselves responsible for deciding on the acceptance and admission of applicants. Their decisions are made on the basis of applicant quality criteria.

Please contact the Program Officer of your chosen degree course via email to find out to what German degree your current qualification is equivalent to. For the admission to any of the undergraduate programs an equivalent to the general higher education entrance qualification is required. To be admitted to any of the graduate programs in general a Bachelor’s degree will be the admission requirement. In certain cases additional periods of study in a respective field may be necessary in order to fulfil the admission requirements for the course.

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