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Links to German Higher Education

You may also check out the following websites hosted by DAAD and other organisations to learn more about Studying in Germany:

Campus Germany
“Hi! Potentials – International careers made in Germany” is the slogan of this website. Just like a real campus, this website offers a lot to discover – for all abroad who are interested in studying, doing research or a vocational training in Germany.

Higher Education Compass
This website is hosted by the association of higher education institutions in Germany. It provides information on and links to all state or state-recognised higher education institutions in Germany. You can search the databases to find out which course of study in German or English is offered at which institution. Links will get you directly to the home page of that institution (which normally has an English version), where you can find detailed information. You’ll also find a list of foreign student offices (or international offices), which you can contact directly.

DAAD – The gateway to German higher education
Here you’ll find everything you need to know about Germany’s education system, its higher education institutions, and about campus life. There is also a course finder for international degrees where you can find exactly what matches your academic and language skills and interests.
Gain an insight into the versatile and varied nature of academic Germany!

Study and Career Choice
This service provides information about study opportunities in Germany, including a list of all available degree courses, the addresses of all German higher education institutions, as well as useful information on the ‘first few steps’ and tips on everyday student life.

Studying Online
“Studying Online” is an information system where you can find almost everything you need to know about the online study opportunities offered by Germany’s higher education institutions. General information is given on Internet-delivered degree courses, modules and programs as well as on how and under which conditions these opportunities can be used. An integrated search engine will enable you to search on a subject-by-subject basis for online study opportunities.

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