What is life? Do you want to better understand human (and non-human) cognition? And what will be the next technological quantum leap shaping our society? Find answers to these questions in your PhD project supported by a network of passionate scientists!

In Germany, the best researchers in a specific field often work at different universities and non-university research institutions spread throughout the country. The Max Planck Schools connect these brightest minds within one doctoral program and thereby offer YOU – the future PhD candidates – the best supervision, close personal exchange, and outstanding career opportunities.

Find the Max Planck School that fits YOUR interests best: Cognition, Matter to Life or Photonics
There are currently three Max Planck Schools representing different research fields! We offer:
- Combined Master's degree and PhD (or PhD only) Combined Master’s & PhD program (or PhD only)
- No tuition fee but (full) scholarships allowing you to completely focus on research
- Excellent (virtual) teaching across several locations in Germany
- Outstanding network of Fellows supporting your career
- Very good connections to the industry, enabling great career opportunities

The Max Planck School of Cognition
Cognition research covers topics from disciplines as diverse as psychology, physics, computer science, philosophy, biology and medicine. In this rapidly developing research field scientists with knowledge of the methods and approaches of the various sub-disciplines are in high demand. https://www.maxplanckschools.de/de/cognition.

The Max Planck School Matter to Life
What, exactly, is life? Can processes, functions and objects related to life be simulated and recreated in the laboratory? These are the overarching questions addressed in the curriculum and research training of the Max Planck School Matter to Life. https://www.maxplanckschools.de/en/matter-to-life

The Max Planck School of Photonics
Photonics is the science of light, enabling numerous modern technologies such as non-contact sensors, quantum computers and energy and information carriers. The Max Planck School of Photonics unites research in many subdisciplines to light up the world. https://www.maxplanckschools.de/en/photonics

Learn more, Get in touch, Apply!
All three schools offer interested students Q&A sessions via Zoom and virtual lectures. Find out more on our website and on the social media channels of each school. The application phase for in-take in autumn 2021 currently runs until December 1, 2020. https://www.maxplanckschools.de/en/application

Any questions? Direct contacts: 
Matter to Life: mattertolife@maxplanckschools.de
Cognition: cognition@maxplanckschools.de
Photonics: photonics@maxplanckschools.de

Visit www.maxplanckschools.org for further information.