Former scholarship holders from New Zealand talk about their experiences in Germany.

Ever since the mid-1950s, well over 700 students and academics from New Zealand have gone on a trip to Germany with the DAAD, some for a short stay of just a few weeks, others for months and years of study and research. Read about the experiences of these alumni from different fields, and from different periods in their academic careers.

Thinh Le

PhD student at U Canterbury
PhD in language teaching and learning
DAAD Research Stay for PhD students
3 months at University of Chemnitz

My PhD research stay in Germany under a DAAD scholarship brought me great academic and cultural experiences.  This opportunity enabled me to share with and learn from other PhD students how to use technology for language teaching and learning, and participate in fortnightly seminars organised by Prof. Dr. Schmied on how to analyse data.

The skills I learnt at these seminars helped me to analyse my own data better. I also attended a corpus linguistics and digital humanities conference where I met other emerging researchers from Nigeria, Italy, Serbia, Ghana etc. Moreover, this was a great chance for me to present my research at the conference to get feedback from other scholars.

On the social life side of things, I participated in and contributed to a Vietnam and New Zealand night in which I shared my knowledge about New Zealand and my own culture, Vietnam. I also engaged in other events and enjoyed the local architecture of the historical churches and castles in Dresden, Görlitz, Chemnitz, Freiberg, Berlin and so on. Besides, the stay also me the opportunity to enjoy the real German culture with music and food.

My time in Germany was meaningful for me, both as a person and as a scholar, and filled with a lot of academic and cultural activities.