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Funding & Scholarships

Are you looking for possibilities to fund a study or research stay in Germany?

The DAAD is Germany’s largest scholarship/funding-awarding organisation and runs several programs with which academic exchange between Germany and all parts of the world is supported. These programmes range from short-term exchanges for research or teaching purposes through to doctoral scholarships lasting several year and are largely financed from public funds made available by the German Federal Foreign Office.

Support is available for:

  • researchers / academic staff
  • postdocs
  • PhD students
  • (post-)graduate students
  • undergraduate students
  • artists (academic teachers and students)

Overview on current presentation slides.

Please use the scholarship & funding database maintained by the DAAD to find out about your options:


NB: The information for the scholarships is organised in tabs.


In addition to the funding programmes in the database, applicants from NZ have some further options:


Basic requirements for most funding programmes

  • Applicants are generally expected to be NZ nationals; foreign nationals are usually eligible if they are permanent residents of New Zealand, or have completed (or are about to complete) their current degree in NZ, or have been enrolled in a doctoral programme at a NZ uni/research institute for at least a year.
  • German nationals living in NZ are usually eligible if they haven’t lived in Germany for the past 6 or more years, and their permanent abode is in NZ.
  • Applicants who have been resident in Germany for longer than 15 months at the time of application cannot be considered.


Not sure …

  • … what your CV should look like?
  • … what “CV in tabular format” means?
  • … which language certificates you need, if any?
  • … which degrees you need to submit copies of?
  • … how the DAAD application portal works?

Find relevant information and links here.


The other direction: Germany to NZ

Do you have a colleague in Germany whom you’d like to attend a conference at your uni, or give a guest lecture? Please let them know to use the German side of the DAAD’s scholarhip and funding database:


Or do you have a colleague in Germany you’d love to bring over for teaching for 1-6 months? Please send them here:



The NZ Royal Society supports exchange with Europe and Germany in particular. Besides matching some of the German programmes with their own, they also offer travel support for NZ researchers to go to conferences in Europe from time to time.


Further information and advice

Dr Anna Bauer

School of Cultures, Languages and Linguistics
DAAD Office
c/o German
The University of Auckland
Private Bag 92019
Auckland 1142, New Zealand

office: Arts 2 Building, level 4, room 414 (18 Symonds St)

email: daad@auckland.ac.nz

phone: +64 9 923 8931 (direct line), from inside UoA x88931


PAD Teaching Assistant Scholarships
The German Education Exchange Service — Pädagogischer Austauschdienst (PAD) — is offering up to 12 scholarships for students in their third year or preferably after completing your undergrad degree to work as Teaching Assistants (foreign language assistants) at schools in Germany between end of August/beginning of September and end of May of the following year. As an assistant, you’ll work at schools – normally at secondary school level – and assist with the teaching of English (you must be a native or near-native speaker for that) for up to 12 hours per week.
You shouldn’t be older than 29 years by the time you submit your application.

If you’d like to apply for a second year, this is actually possible. See here under tab “2. Jahr”.

The other direction — If you’re from Germany and interested in coming to NZ as a teaching assistant, please go here.


Baden-Württemberg Scholarships (Baden-Württemberg-Stipendien)
Students from universities in the German state of Baden-Württemberg as well as students from universities partnered to institutions in Baden-Württemberg may qualify for state-funded scholarships during their exchange.

  • duration: 3-11 months
  • support: monthly stipend (approx. EUR 400)
  • application deadline: The deadline is set by your home university’s International Office. Rough guideline for when applications can expected to be due:
    for support during semester 1 — usually August/September
    for support during semester 2 — usually February/March
  • detailed information: go here and here.
  • application: application forms are only available from the International Office at your home institution, and the entire application goes via your home university’s International Office; for information see here.


Further Support for Artists

The DAAD has special support for artists, both inside and outside academia:

Artists in Berlin Programme
The Berliner Künstlerprogramm — Artists-in-Berlin Program — is one of the most renowned international programs offering grants to artists in the fields of visual arts, literature, music and film. Since 1963, 15 to 20 grants per year have been awarded to international artists for an approximately one year stay in Berlin. In its more than 50 years of existence, the programme has made a significant contribution to the international representation of contemporary arts in Berlin.
Artists in the fields of literature, film and music may submit an application to the Berliner Künstlerprogramm. Artists in the visual arts cannot submit their own application; instead an international jury nominates visual arts artists for invitations.

Details see here:


For further information on this programme, please contact the DAAD office in Berlin directly: bkp.berlin@daad.de


Artists Programme: guest lecturing in Berlin
The Berliner Künstlerprogramm — Artists-in-Berlin Program — is also available for artists who’d like to guest lecture in Berlin.

Artists in the fields of literature, music, visual arts and dance/performance can apply for one of the artist guest lecturerships at the three Berlin universities: Freie Universität, Humboldt Universität and Technische Universität.

For details see here:


Please contact the Artists in Berlin programme by email for application details: bkp.berlin@daad.de


Further information on the promotion of international student, academic and research exchanges (scholarships):

  • EU Education Programmes here
  • Euraxess (EU initiative for researcher mobility)


Please note: The DAAD Office accepts no liability for the accuracy of the information contained in these webpages.
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